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Angels among us

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angel art

Sometimes when I paint, it is nice to have my art verified by the highest authority. This happened unnexpectedly as I was painting in church on Aug. 18, 2013. (I paint during church services in the back of the sanctuary, where I don't distract from the service or call attention to myself while I'm painting. I've been painting in church almost a year now). One morning, I forgot to bring a new canvas with me and all I had was a canvas that I had already started a painting on. As I was looking at it, I noticed some things that were not working well and decided to paint over the whole thing and start over again. I had no idea what I was going to paint. I just began painting swirling strokes across the canvas, just to cover up the old painting. The church service started and I still didn't have a clue on what to paint. So I just continued making swirling strokes, hoping for an idea of what to actually paint.

As I listened to the music, some of the words had to do with rejoicing and dancing before the Lord. That gave me the idea to paint a dancer worshipping through dance. My painting began taking on a life of it's own with the dancer beginning to look like it had wings. I decided to make it into a dancing angel. After the service was over, a man came by to see what I was painting and was shocked to realize that it was the same angel he had seen coming down from the ceiling and putting it's hand on the shoulder of the lady who was preaching that morning. (Our church was having a special day to honor the worship leader, a lady named Amanda, who was being ordained into the ministry that day. She preached during the morning services and then was ordained that evening).

I have never seen angels or supernatural beings. I've been aware of their presence, but never seen any. I have some friends who have seen angels, but not me. I always thought I would be scared out of my bajeebies, if I ever saw one. Maybe that is why the Lord spared me the fright. The man who said he saw the angel descend and touch Amanda's shoulder said my painting looked just like the angel he saw, except for the colors. I think that is rather amazing that he actually saw a literal angel and I was painting one at the same time. Neither of us had met each other until after the service was over and he was led to stop by and look at my painting. I was painting in the back of the church, and he sat up front, so there is no way he could see what I was doing. He saw the angel that I was painting, even though I, the artist never saw a thing. I was just making swirling strokes to cover over another painting that I didn't like. It is kind of interesting that the painting that I was covering over, was an attempt to paint the Ark of the Covenant. Hmmmm. Wonder if that has any spiritual significance.