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spiritual meaning of Pinks by Carol Nemitz

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spiritual meaning of Pinks by Carol Nemitz

PINK (LIGHT RED) Includes attributes of White and Red. Holy Awakening: New Birth, the Womb, The Breath of Mercy being BORN: a new Priest being awakened into sanctification. Pink calls for the Priesthood of God to awaken in us. Pink speaks of ministry unto the Lord. The Priestís garments were white and often got splattered with BLOOD. Although it may be rinsed off it would look pink until the end of their shift. It was the mark of Priesthood because it meant they were doing their job of ministering to the Lord the Sacrifice He required. Today, He requires us to present Jesus as the sacrifice. As priests of our homes we cover and sprinkle with His Blood in prayer to purify and cleanse ourselves and our family. Jesusí Blood is what we drink during communion. It is the Liquid Mercy that is our drink indeed. Nothing evil can come near or cross the covenant represented by the Blood of Jesus. Pink speaks of Covenant: the blood has been splattered properly. His Life Force is going down our throat into our deepest parts and becoming part of our body. We are receiving all that He is. The Life is in the BLOOD. Now that the Blood of the Perfect Sacrifice is upon us and covers us and is INSIDE OF US: The Father can now look upon His people as clean and holy because of the blood sacrifice. Godís Holy desire is being fulfilled in the priest presenting the sacrifice. Jesus is our sacrifice. When we come to the cross (the Altar) and repent and believe upon Him as the Son of God, we are sprinkled and covered with the blood that flows continuously from the cross. It is a new birth of the Kingdom of God into our inner most being. Our soul is being inhabited by the King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus is born into us. So birth is pink, there is often a splattering of blood at birth. The child must be washed of the blood that gets all over him at birth. That blood is part of being born. Birth involves blood. There are often clean white towels around that turn pink. It is part of the process of BIRTH. Our soul is born again when we repent. We die to that old umbilical cord of the world, the flesh, and the devil and become mature believers in the Light of being Born Again into living and moving in the new environment of His kingdom: His Spirit.

FUCHSIA (DARK PINK) Fiery Electric Mercy, the PASSION of Mercy erupting in loud musical Passionate PRAISES! Psalms 149:3 This color is the color of Joy and the Womb of Intercession and worship where Godís fruit is conceived. This color imparts ears to hear how Wise our God is, how Beautiful He is and how much the bride desires for the fruit in her womb (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, etc) to LOOK LIKE Him!!! This color speaks of conception and spiritual pregnancy and the passion between the God of the Universe becoming the Bridegroom to the Bride (the mature and complete church). The INTENSITY of the priestís covenant with the Father brings forth a fruitful conception in the heart of the mature believer. This color is LOUD and gives VOICE to the deep desires of the Bride of Christ (the mature church in union with Christ) becoming fulfilled and satisfied. This is the color of the inner chambers of Godís Secret places: His Heart. His heart is for us to know Him intimately enough to become pregnant with the Seed of His Word and give birth to His plans and purposes in this earth. This Fuchsia Color is what it looks like inside the deep, deep inner workings of the organs of Godís Body and the passion that erupts from seeing His LIGHT and TRUTH shine through.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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