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Spiritual meaning of purples by Carol Nemitz

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Spiritual meaning of purples by Carol Nemitz

DARK PURPLE includes attributes of Black and Purple

PURPLE IS STEADFAST LOVE WITH THE KING OF KINGS: Unity: Royalty: Power of Authority: discernment to remove the poisonous trash from people and implant the Heavenly Provision INSTEAD. This is the color of deliverance and impartation ministry. Those who walk in PURPLE authority are empowered to discern the impure from the pure. They are also filled with wisdom to remove impurities in love and replace them with giftings, anointings, callings, freedom to grow, teachings, words of knowledge, prophesies, etc. These people are able to pull heaven from Godís Heart and pump it into this earth. These people wear their role of ambassador of the Kingdom of God. These people are so in unity with the LORD that they can see past all need of forgiveness to the place where God has made a person perfect, even way before it happens. The people in PURPLE see the end from the beginning. They see with the LORDís eyes. These people are able to flush away the trash and garbage in loving ways. Flush and fill: take out the trash and bring in the groceries. Purple in the body is where the capillaries connect the arteries and the veins. The BLUE veins take out the poisons and trash, and the RED arteries bring in the OXYGEN and nutrients. The place where the exchange takes place is PURPLE!!! The PURPLE EXCHANGE PLACE is where heaven meets and changes earth. These folks are portals coming to and from heaven: Pillars in the Temple: Ambassadors for Christ: so one with Him that they do His works and speak His speech. This color is the color of the UNITY of Red Mercy and Blue Peace with Godís Justice. This is the color of the Bride of Christ taking her place as the Royal QUEEN AMBASSADOR FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

LILAC (LIGHT PURPLE) attributes of White and Purple. LILAC is the place where the Holy Spirit is breathing into the earth His new beginnings in the Steadfast Love of HOLINESS and the loving removal of impurities and the blessings of impartation.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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