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spiritual meaning of RAINBOW and TRANSPARENT colors by Carol Nemitz

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spiritual meaning of RAINBOW and TRANSPARENT colors by Carol Nemitz

Benjaminís flag was the color of multicolored jasper including all the colors of the tribes
The tribe of Leviís flag is Black, Red, and White background with the Ephod pictured on it. The ephod is set with the twelve stones of multi-colors on it. To me the ephod represents our High Priest interceding for the nations, tribes, tongues, peoples. The ephod was used by those in authority to ask God questions and get answers by using the Urim and Thummim which were housed within the ephod in a secret compartment. When we COVENANT with our High Priest (Jesus) we partake in the benefits of His intercession by participating in praying the Heart of the Father. A promise we receive as members of His Covenant Relationship with Father God. The foundation stones are many colors, there is a rainbow described around the throne of God.

TRANSPARENT: Clear like DIAMOND: the glassy sea before the Throne of God. I believe this clear sea is made up of transparent people. People who are not afraid of God seeing everything in their lives all come into unity and create a huge sea of clear deep places. Transparent like crystal speaks of having nothing hidden. Able to see all without fear. It speaks of invitation to know deeper, of exploring without fear of death or fear of anything for that matter. This only happens in the PURE FEAR OF GOD. Reverence of His Power, love, and purity cause us to fear having anything hidden from Him or from each other. We become transparent before Him knowing He knows all and yielding to that openness to Him. This transparency speaks of TRUST. We can not feel free to open everything to Him if we do not trust that He will LOVE and HELP that part of us too. When we trust, we open up to Him and He opens to us. Transparency speaks of an OPEN DOOR or PORTAL without any walls or doors in the way. Transparency speaks of invitation: COME UP HERE! It lifts our vision to Him and lets us see His GAZE upon us. He takes us places through the portal of transparency. The tribe of Naphtali has the DIAMOND as their stone. They are gazelles that can jump across deep caverns without fear or without bitterness toward anyone. These people have feet that can climb into the heights of Godís mountain without being tripped up by offense or intimidation. They have hindsí feet in high places. They can blend in like camouflage and not be seen when necessary. They are able to reflect LIGHT and direct it by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to draw others to His HIGH PLACES (high on Godís mountain is DEEP into God)

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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