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Spiritual meaning of silver or grey by Carol Nemitz

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Spiritual meaning of silver or grey by Carol Nemitz

SILVER or GREY: Redemption of the TIME: Grey includes the attributes of Black and White. Often there are hints of other colors as well. Silver however
takes on the mirror properties of reflection when it is pure and polished. Silver reflects the colors around it. Christ is redeeming our mirror: our IMAGE. In my experience with the Lord, my armor in the spirit is silver, like a mirror so that my enemy only sees himself or the reflection of Christ. I am in stealth mode when I have put on all my armor. All my enemy sees is the mirror Image of JESUS reflected in my armor if that enemy gets anywhere near me. Silver speaks of the coins used to pay for Christ’s Life. Jesus paid the price for our redemption. He is our Kinsman Redeemer: like Boaz to Ruth. To the carnal mind God was barely worth 30 pieces of silver. The carnal mind says it is either me or God. One of us has to die and it is not going to be me. So God died for us. So we could die to the carnal mind. Every wound of Christ is a portal for us to learn to know God from His suffering. Every wound is an invitation to bleed out who we are in the world, the flesh, and in the devil. Every wound is a portal to invite us to open our body part to die away so His can come alive in us. For example: by Jesus’ example we can yield our hand to die to our own selfish way of working and take on the resurrection life of His Hands working through us. This is true for each body part where Jesus bled. As we allow our carnal flesh to “bleed out” the sin and poison of this world by inviting His BLOOD TO FLOW THROUGH US INSTEAD, He is free to redeem our life’s flow. In our MIND, in our BACK or way of carrying burdens, in our SIDE all the way through our belly of desire to our HEART, in our HANDS, in our FEET or way of walking: in all these ways we can loose our old fleshly way of doing and being and take on His FLOW OF LOVE INSTEAD. Like a tree planted by rivers of LIVING WATER we can pull and draw from His LIFE INSTEAD. as we pull from the HEART OF GOD, our members come alive with the RESURRECTION LIFE OF CHRIST living in us instead of our old life. The flow eventually becomes LIQUID SILVER and coats us from head to toe in order to form a fine set of armor all over us. Silver when purified is heated until liquid metal and the dross comes to the top. The dross includes all the impurities that were in the metal. As it is heated and melted to liquid form the dross is skimmed off the top over and over until there is no more dross. In the temple in the wilderness, Moses was instructed to make the pillars around the temple to have caps of silver on the top and of brass on the base of each pillar.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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