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Spiritual meaning of Yellow by Carol Nemitz

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Spiritual meaning of Yellow by Carol Nemitz

YELLOW: The Holy OIL OF GRACE that fills the Lampstand in the Temple. This oil is replaced fresh every morning and every night. In the Torah, priests are described as taking 8 days to prepare this Holy Yellow Oil. It is amber colored, sometimes green if the olive oil is green. This Oil is distilled anointing from the Billowing Clouds of Prayers that go up from the Altar of Incense. In the spirit, this Oil is the culmination of the distillation of God’s Words falling in drops like rain from the ceiling in the Temple. When the Bride of Christ prays with her High Priest the Incense is lit by God’s Holy Fire and billows of White incense come forth. This Fire causes the Heart of the Father to become known. This Oily Cloud condenses on the Temple ceiling like dew and rains down on those who wait on Him in prayer and worship. This Yellow Dew like oil rains Grace Drops from Heaven into our eyes and we are made able to see in the Spirit the things of Gods Kingdom. This is the eye salve spoken of in Revelations that is needed to be “bought” as well as the white garments. We “buy” them with time spent adoring Jesus and developing our relationship with Him. The Emotions of God fill the Cloud of Incense like a sparkling GOLDEN mist. In the spirit, the incense is like GOLDEN dust (see GOLD). Some of the same GOLDEN spices that are used to make the incense are in the oil for the lampstand. These spices are infused into the oil during a chemical process that happens when we worship and pray with the help of Holy Spirit and His FIRE. When the dew becomes airborne on the spiritual upheaval of intense prayer and worship, the dew becomes an oily substance that begins to run down Jesus’ Robe and prayer shawl as we experience His Presence. He spins around in joyful excitement in the billows of our worship and prayer. The oil gets slathered everywhere. This is what I call a storm of Grace because the oil begins to collect on all the surfaces inside the Temple and condenses on the ceiling. These drops of HOLY YELLOW OIL are distilled in tiny quantities because they can only be tolerated in small doses. They are concentrated prayers of God’s Heart. These drops of OIL multiply and get heavy and rain down when worship and prayer are thick. The angels collect this GLOWING YELLOW oil in bowls. This happens when the Grace rains down. Bowls are placed around the area in the Spiritual realm to collect this holy substance. When the bowls fill up the angels take the bowls filled with this liquid grace to those who are being prayed for and pour it into their lives. These bowls of amber or yellow glowing Grace oil shine on the angels faces. They stream down to the earth from the heavenly realms where the worship collects. Their paths light up and look like fingers of lava light flowing down the dark mountainside. It is an eruption of the River of Grace flowing to the places God is directing the prayers of the worshippers. There are many waiting for this precious oil to fill their lamps. We “buy” this oil by spending time in His Presence. We “buy” this oil when we allow our High Priest to squeeze our fruit until oil comes out. During high pressure times in our lives, if we yield to the Lord and trust Him, He makes this olive oil into JOY that will be set on FIRE to light our souls for His Glory. Lemons are YELLOW. This is what is meant by turning lemons into lemonade. This is the process of turning something terrifically sour into something pleasant even sweet. This is why it is important not to rush the fire process. Remember, it takes 8 days to make the special GOLDEN YELLOW oil in the Temple. this long period of time represents the spiritual chemical process that must occur during the horrible times of our lives when it is dark and there seems to be no light. if we seek Him God never lets this oil run dry. Our roots go down deep when there is no rain. That way when storms come, our roots will hold on at a very deep level to keep us from being overturned during storms. If we yield to trust Him, God turns every sour situation into something He can use later to bring light to someone who needs it even more. When darkness comes, those who have not stored up this oil will be begging for it and there will be none to be had, it will be too late to go through the long process to make this holy oil of amber GOLDEN YELLOW. Yellow is the color of YIELDING. YELLOW anointing oil is created when we yield our mind, our will, and our emotions to the LIVING GOD.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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