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The spiritual meaning of colors by my friend Carol Nemitz Starting with BLACK

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The spiritual meaning of colors by my friend Carol Nemitz Starting with BLACK

Collection of Prophetic Meanings of Colors by Carol Nemitz
Began April 25, 2007 at 3:50 AM

The colors are an ever growing project in my life so this is an ongoing note that has to be updated each season. Also, each color has a sound associated with it. I pray your spiritual ears will hear the harmonies and orchestrations in each one and how they work together to create new revelations of Jesus Christ to the Body of Christ.

There are opposite meanings for each color that I will not mention in this work. When you get into God’s revelations you get all the information you need about your enemy. There may be a rare brief mention, but for the most part, I have chosen to only include Holy revelations for each one and not how the enemy has twisted and used them for evil.

You become what you look at so look to Jesus in each one. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to these special places in God. If anyone enters these supernatural places without Jesus being Lord, they are thieves and robbers. They will not be allowed to stay and will be cast out from the fullness of God.

Believing Jesus is Lord is a prerequisite. One must be washed in Jesus Blood in Faith knowing it has power not only to wash every sin away but to make the Way for you to enter His Heavenly places. One must put on Jesus’ White Robe of Righteousness before coming to “eat” these delicacies of revelation with Him.

These revelations are for those who have and desire more of a deep relationship with Jesus. Others will be offended by these truths. If you feel offended by what I have written, do not read this, it is not for you at this time. If you feel compelled to curse this work, go ahead and try, God turns every curse into a BLESSING INSTEAD! He will pursue you and come to visit you. He wants to turn every curse into a blessing instead.

I believe each human is supposed to find their destiny in these places in the Father’s Presence. Everyone is given the opportunity but not everyone chooses this Way. You choose Him, He chooses you! Each chosen child of God get pieces of His Big Picture. Do not ever think anyone’s list of prophetic colors or symbols is “IT”. He wants to reveal your portion directly to you.

Jesus wants you to know Him this close. My prayer is that this list will simply call you into His Arms so He can take you to His secret places and reveal your portion to you. I present to you a taste of the secret places my Beloved Yeshua has taken me regarding colors. He is building an “alphabet” of colors and symbols that He uses to communicate. Give us ears to hear Dear Lord!

BLACK: the color of Joseph’s, Ephraim’s and Manasseh’s tribal stone and flag: ONYX. The double blessing. Some say the onyx is flesh colored or tan, either way a “burning to black ashes” is necessary. Black is the result of FIRE. God is A Consuming Fire. God’s Kingdom requires that the fleshly nature of man must burn away (be crucified and sacrificed and circumcised) in other words a dying, a burning creation of ashes in order for us to come close. Jesus showed us how this is done when He died on the cross in obedient yieldedness to the Father. His Love for us draws us to and through the “fire” of the cross. He wants us to experience the blackness so we can appreciate His beautiful GARDEN that happens when He is Present. Black is God’s THUNDERING VOICE creating beauty from the Ashes of Repentance. Black is saying “I need You God” and denounces our independence from God. The two edged Sword of God’s Voice pierces our darkness and cuts away the spiritual foreskin, the fleshly nature in our souls, the old man which are enemies to His Word and Work in our lives….these all become ashes (BLACK) under our feet:

Malachi 4:3
And you shall tread down the lawless and wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, says the Lord of hosts.
Amplified Version

Anything black is calling, waiting, yearning
for the Fiery Voice of God to come and change it:
to come and cleanse and for His Word and His Light to come and create something divine and different from that which was rejected and burned away (old flesh nature). After a fire sweeps a forest of human logic away, those ashes become fertilizer for the new, stronger growth of God’s wisdom and understanding.
Black is the place where God speaks “let there be Light” and planets and stars hurl out into the emptiness and bring Life and Light.
Black is the place where God hides His treasures:
the deepest parts of the earth where gemstones hide, for kings to search out.
the darkness of outer space where stars are born
Black is the backdrop for the stars to shine out from
The universe is the Robe of God and it is decorated with planets and stars like gemstones on a Black backdrop: He fills every dark place with His LIGHT.
Darkness does not really exist, only an absence or calling of Light!!!
God puts deep treasures and mysteries into dark places for KINGS to search out.
Black is the deepness of where treasures are hidden.
Black blocks the enemies of God with blindness from seeing what He is doing.
Black is the color of the pupil of the EYE: the part that can SEE.
In the dark places God’s people are given eyes to see
like the stars shine only at night; we can only see when we admit our blindness.
When we admit our blindness, God is drawn to our contrite heart and gives us eyes to see in dark, blind places.
The insides of a camera are black so that the film can develop an image.
He gives us vision to see
how His Kingdom will be birthed and awakened
in the seed He planted in that dark place.
Any color that is dark includes the power of repentance (ashes of repentance).
Black mixed with other colors brings a prelude of the promise of His calling forth of Divine Creative Light like the calm before the storm.
Black can be very loud or very silent.
Many times it is a QUIET VOID that has secret sounds hidden there.
When His voice is silent and still, we are in darkness.
It is in these times that our roots are growing towards Him stronger
Seeking, hungry, searching, thirsty, wanting Him reaching through every darkness into His Light
If He kept His manifested Presence evident, our roots would be short
and the first wind would blow us down
He desires for us to have a large, strong understanding…
Black mixed with another color makes that color stronger and deeper
A color darkened by BLACK is crying out to be
tried by the Fire of His Voice.
For example black next to any color calls for God’s Voice in that color to be BROADCAST LOUDLY…it multiplies the intensity of that color…it turns up the volume of that color…it magnifies God’s TRUTH about that color and sound.
Black is a gift of humility: ability to repent
to the point of creating ashes out of impurities in our lives.
Our roots grow deepest during the dark (black) parts of our lives.
Our praise is more valuable coming from a black place.
It is easy to praise Him in the Light.
Black calls out for exile to end.
Black calls for resurrection Life, and He comes every time!
Black is the color for hovering and brooding under His SHADOW.
It is black inside the womb at conception
Miracles of LIGHT happen in the dark:

The earth was without form and an empty waste, and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters.
And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.
Genesis 1:2-3 Amplified Version

Black Sheep were Jacob’s wages from Laban. I am glad that God put this black sheep (the old me) into His fold. If Jacob had not been so patient to get his favorite girl (Rachel which means LAMB), then Joseph, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh would not have been born.

[Laban] said, What shall I give you? And Jacob said, You shall not give me anything, if you will do this one thing for me [of which I am about to tell you], and I will again feed and take care of your flock.
Let me pass through all your flock today, removing from it every speckled and spotted animal and every black one among the sheep, and the spotted and speckled among the goats; and such shall be my wages.
Gen 30:31-32 Amplified Version

The Shulamite bride in Song of Songs was black and lovely.

Story of a Black horse named “Thunder” Below is From “Coat of Arms” book by Robin Paisley 2003 Chapter 13 on Seven Horses:

The first horse was black and the rider the same and they are called Thunder and together they were being released to go through out the earth proclaiming the King’s voice. As the rider raised his banner high it became alive with the Lord’s voice and sound as it began to penetrate the souls who were willing to face the darkness of self, allowing his thunder to pierce through the veil, and the earth shook in agreement.

Any color that is mixed with Black is thundering the response
of His Redemption in that place.
Black is the color of the burden of His Words.
It is a humble color.
Willing to have light totally removed for a season;
In order for His Light to be manifested in a new way in a new place.
One must yield in meekness to bear this burden.
Ink is black.
Hebrew letters look like black fire.
Black is the color of ink. Words upon a page are black. They draw the reader into the story. There is a mantle of black material that is given to people sometimes by God when they are going to be writing His Words upon pages of white. The characters of His Voice scribed upon a page are BLACK. In order to perceive God’s Voice, one must be filled with His Holy Spirit: the Holy Breath of God which is WHITE and PURE. His Voice is a BLACK FIRE and His Breath is a PILLAR of WHITE. Anyone who reaches for His Words or Wisdom without the Holy Spirit gets lost in a fog of grey matter. But when the right recipe is obtained by spending time with the High Priest of the temple of our souls (Yeshua), His Voice and His Breath come to us and SILVER REDEMPTION happens! Like silver paint is put on the back of a pane of glass a mirror is made for us to catch a reflection of Him. Understanding is born and we see Him as in a mirror (dimly as we live in this earth) and we come to KNOW GOD and His protection and His provision and His resurrection LIFE.

In 2008 and 2009 I have been studying the Hebrew letters. In ancient Jewish writings, the characters of the Hebrew alphabet are actual creatures from the heavenly spheres. Each one has a personality and a story to tell. The letters look like black fire.

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
Words in these notes are from the rhema journals of Carol Nemitz. More notes can be found at:
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