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Spiritual meaning of Reds by Carol Nemitz

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Spiritual meaning of Reds by Carol Nemitz

MAROON (DARK RED) Includes the attributes of Red, Black, and possibly some purple. Dark Red is the color of the Wine of Communion. The BLACKNESS represents the crushing of the grape: the sacrifice, and the willingness to spend time in dark places. He often sends us into dark places to build His Kingdom. Dark Red says “yes” to become aged to perfection in dark, pressure filled places enough to be smooth like aged WINE. This humility tastes good to the Father. The color of ABIDING in Humility and Merciful Covering is the color of relationship with Him. This color represents the Bride of Christ communing with Him to the point of being willing to fellowship with His Suffering. He asks us when we think we can sit with Him on His throne, “Can you drink the cup that I am to drink?” The one who says “yes” stays close and trusts Him even when the fruit is shaken from the vine and crushed underfoot. She keeps coming back to communion with Him even when circumstances test her staying power. She does not complain in the wildernesses when there is only Manna and water from the Rock. She is willing to die to be contentedly faithful and obedient. This is the Cup of saying “YES” to His proposal of taking up our cross and following Him. This Cup puts the Fiery Passion deep down into our inner most being. Any trial or test is not the end, just a doorway into His Victory on the other side. This color helps the Bride of Christ see His Resurrection Power take her into new levels of Victory with her LORD. Dark red is the color of overcoming victory. There is JOY in the journey because He is near. He teaches us to “drink” Him when we come near. If we only drink joy and pleasure without any sacrifice for others, it becomes gluttonous drunkenness. There is a deep ditch on either side of any truth. Wine is no different. On one side is drunken gluttony, and on the other is frigid and lifeless self sacrifice with no victory. When we drink in the light of Holy Spirit, we will have balance and stay on His path without drunkenly driving off His Highway. This wine brings clarity and vision. This wine is His Cup of communion that sets us at His banqueting table with His banner of love over us.

This drink will prepare us to become the Army of God: the Warrior Bride. Communion with God means to love until it hurts. Then there will be no more hurt, only more love. Dark Red takes away our fear of dying. It gives us boldness to hurt for others. This is the color of Christ’s passion. There is joy on the other side of this cup. Joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Many will have their sins passed over as the church drinks the Cup of Jesus’ Passover Wine. This is the drink to celebrate the price of His blood smeared on our door. The door of our home, the door of our heart, the door of our mind must be smeared with Jesus’ Blood…it is the requirement for the angel of death to Passover our souls. This is the Cup of Blood we drink at communion. We celebrate Him passing over our sins and setting us at His banquet table of giving and hospitality instead of the enemy’s table of lust and greed. What a dichotomy to have to be stained in Blood to become WHITER than snow.

RED Ruby: This powerful color stands for the Blood that Jesus shed for our forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and salvation. It is the Fire of His Holy Spirit that cleanses us and sanctifies us from clay to vessels of honor. The fire of His Red blood makes us vessels that are able to carry whatever He pours into us. It makes us trustworthy. It removes the sin, blemishes, chaff, sickness, unforgiveness, lies, deceptions, shame, and evil powers to name a few and flushes them out them with God’s Peace (see Blue) to replace them with His provisions from heaven instead. Red is the color of His Mercy and forgiveness. His Red Blood fills our cup to drink of His inner most being when we partake of Communion with Him. This Fiery Color lights up our Altar of Sacrifice and leads us to the Cross of Christ. It gives us the power to die to self and come alive for Christ Jesus to be resurrected in and through us to others in this world. This Fire baptizes us into becoming a new creature in Christ. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will properly light our candlesticks in the Temple of our hearts. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will burn the proper recipe of incense on our Altar of Incense. This is the same fire that if we yield to it, will freshly cook our daily manna properly so that it is not under or over cooked. Red is the color of the Fire of forgiveness and mercy. Red brings a river of provision from Heaven. It brings the breath of Heaven to make our spiritual muscles able to function. It brings the building blocks to build God’s Kingdom in our hearts and minds. Red awakens us to action and enables us with His ability to perform the Will of the Father. Red is the color of the Mature Priesthood: the experienced ones who know the supernatural secrets and power of the sacrifice.

The stones of the tribes that were red are Reuben (Ruby) and Levi (Garnet). Ruben is the standard bearer for 3 tribes of the south: Reuben, Simeon and Gad. The corporate flag for this group was a picture of a man. Reuben’s tribe had a separate flag with a mandrake on it. Mandrakes were a plant that helped people get pregnant. God’s plan for man to rule does not have him looking to nature to answer his questions and meet his needs. We must look to the blood of Jesus to save us. He is The Man that captains our tribes. We must have one leader and become one under His leading. Reuben failed as the firstborn as did Adam. Jesus was successful as the second Adam. Because of Reuben’s failure, he lost his kingship of the family, and his double portion as firstborn, and his ability to be the priest. Judah got the kingship, Levi got the priesthood, and Joseph got the double blessing that should have gone to the firstborn. When we look to anyone or anything other than God to make us pregnant with the things of Heaven, we fall into error and loose our inheritance. Jesus’ Red Blood covers those sins and reconciles us back into obtaining our royal authority, our double portion inheritance, and our priesthood.

Reuben’s gift is merciful, compassionate tending of the land and the sheep (cattle). Ruby Red stands for mercy: the River of Mercy changing the land and the people for the purposes and plans of God’s Kingdom. Within the body, red blood flows from the heart and lungs bright with the oxygen to bring to the cells of the muscles and tissues of the organs of the whole body so it can function. The arteries are red and branch all over like a map on the land of our bodies. Red brings LIFE. Red is our connection to Father’s Heart. Red is our communication with Life and ability to move. When red blood stops flowing or moving, it clots and looses it’s life. Red stands for movement. Red brings the life of heaven into this earth. Red grafts us into God’s Heart. Red is the Fire that lights our minds and hearts with Love. Red is the Love of Life. Red is the Mercy of forgiveness that washes away our poisons and brings the balm of Gilead instead. When red blood cells are fresh with oxygen from the lungs and food from the intestines, they travel to the hungry cells of the body. As soon as they dump their provision, they pick up the waist products and take them to the lungs for a fresh fill. They are constantly moving and changing every cell of the body for life. As soon as they drop off their groceries like oxygen, they turn blue as they pick up the waist products like carbon dioxide. The place of exchange is usually colored purple in the biology books. These are tiny blood vessels called capillaries. So the flow goes red, to purple, to blue, to red again. It just so happens that these are the colors of the Lord’s choosing to be in His Holy Temple: Red, Purple, and Blue (along with white).

Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and He died and rose again so you could know God and be victorious in this life.
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